1990 – 1996

– Mary Greeley Hospital Laboratory and Surgical Support Remodeling
– Iowa High School Athletic Assn., Boone, Iowa
– McCreary Building, Perry, Iowa
– Bagel Works Bakery, Ellsworth, Iowa
– Fire Safety Improvements Birch-Welch-Roberts Residence Halls at ISU, Ames, Iowa
– Gertrude Fellows Elementary, Ames, Iowa

– Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity, Ames, Iowa
– Vet. Med. Animal Lab Improvements
– Moore Memorial Park, Ames, Iowa
– Lagomarcino Hall, ISU, Ames, Iowa
– Boone County Courthouse Window Replacement, Boone, Iowa
– Handicapped Toilet, Lincoln School, Boone, Iowa
– Auditorium Dressing Rooms, City of Ames, Ames, Iowa
– Hunts Super Value, Nevada, Iowa
– Ambulance Garage Additions, Story City Hospital, Story City, Iowa
– Greene Co. Medical Center Addition, Jefferson, Iowa

– Erbe Park Restroom Facility, Boone, Iowa
– Health Lodge at Boone Y-Camp
– Moore Park Picnic Shelter, Ames, Iowa
– ISU English Office Building
– Quinn Machinery, Boone, Facelift
– Smitty’s Super Value, Nevada, Iowa
– Boone County Courthouse Window Replacement
– Story City Ambulance Garage
– Delta Tau Delta Fraternity, Ames, Iowa
– Madison County Memorial Hospital, Winterset, Iowa
– Schwan Sales Depot, Boone, Iowa
– Chiller Plant, Greene County Medical Center, Jefferson, Iowa
– Public Library Expansion, Audubon, Iowa
– Electric Distribution, City of Ames, Ames, Iowa

– Inis Grove West
– City of Ames Maintenance Shed, Ames, Iowa
– Pi Beta Phi Sorority, Ames, Iowa
– Hardees Restaurant on South Duff, Ames, Iowa
– Pat Clemons Auto Dealership Office and Parts Facility, Boone, Iowa
– Moffits Inc Showroom and Addition

– Collegiate Presbyterian Church Remodeling, Ames, Iowa
– Ames Animal Shelter, Ames, Iowa
– Boone’s Future Spec Building, Boone, Iowa
– Concrete and Finishing Regency Retirement Center, Boone, Iowa
– Madrid Home Screen Porch, Madrid, Iowa
– Uncle B’s Bakery Remodeling
– Donnelley Marketing, UPS Addition, Nevada, Iowa
– Camp Sacajawea Poolhouse
– Hilton Colisem Basketball Offices and Storage

– D.O.T. Credit Union, Ames, Iowa
– Pritchard’s Storage Building, Boone, Iowa
– Oshkosh Tanning Company/Hansteck Co., two building additions
– Ames Periodontal Clinic, Pyle Office Building, Ames, Iowa
– West Central Co-op Grain Storage Facility, Boone, Iowa
– Boone High School Classroom Addition
– IDOT Deck & Loading Docks
– Glidden-Ralston Community School Addition
– Uncle B’s Restroom and Breakroom Remodel-
*Phase 1: Oven Seven Old Restroom
*Phase 2: West End Packaging and Cooling Spiral
*Phase 3: East End Second
*Phase 4: Mixing Room

– Perry High School Addition, Ballard Schools, Huxley, Iowa
– Jr./Sr. High School Addition, Ballard Schools, Huxley, Iowa
– Don Williams Shower Facility